Be Still and Know

Jimii N°1

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The debut album by Jimii N°1

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Jimii N°1 appears with Be Still and Know - a journey of spirit; a celebration of the light within.

2022 brings the release of Be Still and Know — the debut album of Jimii N°1.

“Use Your Faith” kicks off the album with a  rock-solid hip-hop beat that drives home an uplifting reminder of how important faith can be. Jimii says “put all your eggs in that basket.” Next up is “Grateful,” a song of thanks and praise. With so much to be thankful for, can you say it too much? Jimii doesn’t think so. This song speaks from the loving child in all of us. “Start Anew” and its followup “I Will Make A Way” were inspired by the the richness and beauty that comes from a rainstorm. It reminds us that change can be difficult, but just as flowers need water and roses need pruning, the love of God is always there. Doing the necessary work. Tending to his loved ones, helping us to grow, nurtured and never alone. Picking the tempo back up, “Blessing” shouts from the rooftops Jimii’s sentiments precisely. He also believes to be a blessing blesses you in return! This is a jam that rocks the house with a contagious groove bursting with the soulful surge of Sunday morning. “Always Good,” the lead single from the album, is a bright, rocking song.  Driving home the fact that trouble don’t last always. Just as there’s yin and yang, there’s always good. The candlelit splendor of “I Know” conveys a song of gratitude and the beauty and the grace that love shares.  Often the essence of many soul songs have their roots in spiritual music; this song truly takes the secular and brings it back to the spiritual — back to the true power of love. The knowing of grace in its most personal form and origin. “Warriors” is about the story that each and every one of us has to tell. The story of triumph over tribulation, a story of hope where it seemed hopeless.  There’s not a one of us that has not experienced a major challenge in our existence; a fight for our lives and what’s right. For some, the fights been larger and longer,  for others the war lives on.  Nonetheless not one of us has gone unscathed.  This song is for all the warriors that made it through and who stand as a witness. Closing the album, “I Wish” was written for Jimii’s niece, but ultimately for all children of the world who sometimes find themselves lost and alone.  There is always someone with arms stretched out in love,  just waiting for you to let them in, hoping for the good that life has to offer.

About this body of work, Jimii says:

“Sometimes we find ourselves trying to make sense of it all. This album may not be the answer for everything, but it is an attempt to try to guide the goodness of love and light into your moment. Trials and tests will always be there,  but your response to it is up to you. Someone once graced me with the inspiration to make it through, and I’d like to do the same for you. It’s nice to know you’re not alone, and I hope this music carries that message. God is always with us. 

Hope and love are ripples that moves us closer to each other and our Christ consciousness. My greatest wish is to further that process. May these songs be affirmations to uplift, inspire, and bring you joy.“

Be Still and Know will drop on April 8, 2022 in stores and on all streaming platforms, followed by a live performance series over the course of 2022.