Be Still and Know

Jimii N°1

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The debut album by Jimii N°1

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Jimii N°1 appears with Be Still and Know - a journey of spirit; a celebration of the light within.

Jimii N°1 is a multi-talented musician and creative who has made it his mission to spread hope
and love throughout the world with his music. With a long standing career in the artistic world,
through avenues ranging from theater and music to working on productions such as The Oprah
show, he has cultivated an incredible skill set and is now using it to spread light around the

Jimii’s most recent project is an album titled Be Still And Know. A project born of his own
emotional struggle, as well as that of someone close to him as they navigated life with cancer.
“It was a lot of my own questioning of what frame of mind you need to survive this,” he said.
“What is going to make this easier and remind you that you are not alone?”

In creating the album through this turmoil, Jimii has opened up a door for others to use his
music as relief in their own pain, and a guide towards finding their own methods of healing. It
has become more than just a beautiful piece of music, but a representation of what it means to
be supported and cared for.

Be Still and Know is like a love letter sent between God and I,” Jimii explained. “It is all the
things God would say, the encouragement, hope and love that we need in times of crisis.”
One of the tracks on the album Be Still And Know that takes on a particular spotlight is the song
“Always Good”. This is a song that reminds us of the good in the world, despite troubles and
hardships we may be going through.

“It is a song for when things aren’t going right and don’t look like you think they should,” said
Jimii. “Even then, there are still places where you can find the good.”

Alongside “Always Good”, Jimii is has just released a music video. It is an exciting look into
his own perspective of the project and like Jimii himself, is filled with a joyful spirit and bright

“There was a lot of thought and care put into this album,” he said. “I hope that people can see
that and that it can be an escape from their own pains and challenges.” Like all of his projects,
Jimii’s goal with “Always Good”, and Be Still And Know as a whole, is to create something that
people can find solace in. This album does exactly that.

Following the recent release of the “Always Good” music video, Jimii is looking forward to
the release of several upcoming tracks and videos. Fans can also keep an eye out for upcoming
performances as we get further into the 2023 year.

Be sure to stay tuned in to Jimii N°1 on various platforms for new music, visuals and social