1. Always Good

From the recording Always Good

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From the upcoming album "Be Still and Know"
Composed and performed by Jimii N°1
Produced by William Faith & Jimii N°1
Recorded and mixed by William Faith at Zone Zero Studio, Chicago, IL
Mastered by Collin Jordan at Boiler Room Mastering, Chicago, IL


I get scared, sometimes I think that things aren't gonna work out right
I’m afraid, that things aren't gonna go the way they should
I forget so easily, you’re always there for me 
And with you there, there’s always good, there’s good

I get scared, sometimes I see something’s that don’t seem right to me
Don’t know why, the things I see don’t seem like they’re for good
It’s not always time to see, the blessings in store for me 
Cause with you there, there's always good

Yes, it may be hurting now, but, I can stand the pain
Cause I know if you’ve allowed it, there’s something for me to be gained
Your record is the best, you’ve helped me thru every test  
And with you there, there’s always good

I get scared, sometimes I listen, and I don’t hear you
There are times, I’m just not sure about what I should do
I wait, I pause, & pray, and know you’ll show the way
Cause with you there, yes with you there, oh oh……
With you there, there’s always good